Introducing Wavio

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Engineered to Perfection.

Wavio has sound recognition sensors that will listen to any sound happening in your home. What a person is able to hear, Wavio can hear. The possibilities are endless.

Be Aware. Be Confident.

With Wavio’s sound recognition technology, you will always feel confident knowing what is happening in your home.

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Being in control is as easy as looking at your smart phone.

With Wavio’s advanced and modern technology, its notifications will let you know every sound it hears. From smart phone to smart watch, Apple to Android, Wavio will work with any smart device.

Plug and Play

Wavio is made to be user friendly. All you got to do is plug it in and then it’s time to play.


Use the app to record any sounds you want Wavio to listen for. The possibilities are endless.


Customize the names of your sounds and adjust the sensitivity levels.

Notifications and Alerts

Alerts are sent to your smart device based on the sounds you’ve trained your Wavios to detect. Enjoy your newfound ability to capture sounds like never before.

The Full Kit

Standalone or a package of few, the choice is yours. Wavio scales with your needs.

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