Hz Innovations

Making sound make sense

Our mission is to improve the everyday lives of people, organizations and communities that benefit from access technology.

Our Company

At Hz, we have a diverse and innovative group of people who want to change the way people live. We use our life experiences, struggles and successes to make a difference in the lives of others. We created Wavio to add increased security and a heightened sense of confidence and independence to the everyday lives of homeowners. With Wavio, homeowners will feel secure knowing what’s happening in their homes. At Hz, we want sound to make sense.


Awareness for Everyone

Increased Confidence and Accessibility in Your Homes

Create a Lasting Impact

Greyson Watkins

CEO | Founder

Chrystal Schlenker

Chief Operating Officer

Zach Baltzer

Firmware Engineer

Nick Lamb

Hardware Engineer

Justin Plants

Software Engineer

Keith Delk

Design and Marketing

Spencer Montan

Business Development Associate

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