Hz Innovations

making sound, make sense

Our Mission

Here at Hz Innovations, we strive to change the lives of people, organizations and communities who have been neglected by taking our life experiences, struggles, and successes and using them to make a difference in the lives of others. With our notable motivation, relentless commitment, and remarkable strength we have changed our lives and want to transform the lives of others through innovation.

Our Company

At Hz, we have a diverse and innovative group of people that want to change the way you live. We created our product, Wavio, to enhance the lives of many to bring security, confidence, and independence to the user. With Wavio, users will feel comfortable to know what is going on in their homes at all times and never have to worry. At Hz, we want sound to make sense.


Awareness for Everyone

Confidence and Accessibility in Homes

Create a Lasting Impact to the World

Meet the Team


Greyson Watkins



Chrystal Schlenker

Business Outreach Coordinator


Micaela Contente

On-Site Marketer & SEO


Zach Baltzer

Sound Recognition Expert


Nick Lamb

Electromechanical Engineer


Justin Plants

App Developer

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